Welcome to The Cocktail King. 

Our uniquely restored VW Combi has been designed and crafted to be not only the most eye catching stand at your event but to maximise productivity over the two bar areas.

Other vehicles on the market do not have our two bar serving capacity but in order to maximise your profits and keeping the smiles on thirsty customers faces, ours does.

This unique capacity means you can have two bar staff serving inside the unit and two at the rear of the vehicle.

We would recommend when serving cocktails you have one flarer inside and one at the back as room is neede
to create and shake your cocktails. The second bar member takes care of the more standard drinks accompanying each flarer. This speeds up service and keeps a nice visual balance both of which means happy customers. The Cocktail wagon also lends itself wonderfully as a Prosecco bar or serving station for jugs of Pimms and lemonade for those special summer events on hot sunny days.

The Cocktail King is completely self-contained with full lighting, a treble bottle cooler fridge, a small Champagne fridge and a sink unit. It has its own entertainment system controlled from the front so you can play ambient sound to keep your guests entertained.

The wagon comes with its own generator if required so power at any event is not an issue – no need for miles of cable if your chosen event venue is no where near a plug socket.

And keeping extra stock cool and ice is catered for with over 400 litres capacity of standalone ice coolers.

The Cocktail King has been constructed in such a way that as well as having a dazzling visual impact in any event, it can be vinyl wrapped for any corporate event giving you your own unique branding.

As the British weather is always unpredictable we have had the latest in inflatable domes custom made to cover not only the wagon itself, but allowing for up to thirty guests to stand inside comfortably out of the weather. The dome has built in rigging for led lighting if required and was UK designed and built to ensure it meets all UK safety requirements.

The dome also comes with doors if you need them that simply zip into the arches for complete enclosure. This does cost extra and for your own personal branding we can have the doors made up for any particular event with your own design for maximum advertising for your brand.

All events are different for each customer and naturally this means your budgets and requirements will change from event to event, this is why we price our wagon hire individually and on a event by event basis tailored to your own requirements rather than restrict your choices to packages that may include things you just don’t need for your event, or worse, not have things you do need.

Long-term hire and sponsorship is also available but as the wagon gets booked regularly we advise early bookings.